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[00:00.40]Wake Up - MissMass [00:00.95]作词:Amy Chanrich&杨大鹏 [00:01.41]作曲:朴炫重&朴德橡 [00:01.86]演唱:MissMass [00:02.26]Miss (MissMass) [00:05.00]Mass (MissMass) [00:07.80]Miss (MissMass) [00:09.04]Fire the floor [00:10.39]踏出一步就可以(踏出一步就可以) [00:12.44]Yo ,hey man why you're looking at me [00:14.84]Up and down you're keeping on me [00:15.98]Shot,for one shot [00:16.84]I'm taking this Lamborghini from the stars [00:18.03]Light the way [00:18.89]Kiss the ace [00:19.78]For miss m-a-s-s [00:21.88]I love my rhythm [00:22.73]Me, rhythm [00:23.53]Strong,hard and can't drive [00:24.53]I could be the leader [00:25.83]Take you to a place that full of color [00:27.63]I'll be the fire [00:29.02]Burning down with the music [00:30.26]I hear god's voice is round and [00:31.62]round and round in the air [00:33.16]He's calling me to do somthing great [00:34.56]That they can't compare [00:36.51]音乐是拯救者 [00:37.90]辉煌淹灭沙漠 [00:39.05]命运齿轮在解锁 [00:41.00]Let's go o o o~ [00:42.44]一切旋律的规则 [00:43.94]真理交错 [00:45.39]虚伪繁华打破因果 [00:50.49]冰冻下火花 [00:51.99]从山峰落向悬崖 [00:53.43]灵魂在挣扎 [00:54.92]侧脸时候听见他 [00:56.37]接受那惩罚 [00:58.02]靠近了 曾害怕 [00:59.26]不想怕 不再怕 [01:00.66]规则重构一霎那 [01:02.59]哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦 [01:06.88]出发那就是回家 [01:07.97]哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦 [01:12.37]we just need a brand new star [01:14.03]we just need a brand new star [01:15.39]When the star is falling down [01:16.83]Human nature is crashing down [01:18.08]But my soul is calling god [01:19.31]to forgive me what I've done [01:21.10]Let it go or let it show [01:22.46]Catch the light [01:23.22]We're born to die [01:23.71]Til death [01:24.31]Do our party with the music we die [01:26.96]To be truly free that's what I'm asking for [01:29.60]No matter what we kill [01:30.75]And what we fighting for [01:32.76]How many heroes die for [01:34.01]glory that becomes to my path [01:35.84]I've seen revival [01:36.65]A key to my core [01:37.50]You'll see me reborn [01:38.85]音乐是拯救者 [01:39.84]辉煌淹灭沙漠 [01:41.09]命运齿轮在解 [01:42.79]Let's go o o o~ [01:44.74]一切旋律的规则 [01:46.04]真理交错 [01:47.49]虚伪繁华打破因果 [01:53.10]冰冻下火花 [01:54.00]从山峰落向悬崖 [01:55.55]灵魂在挣扎 [01:56.99]侧脸时候听见他 [01:58.45]接受那惩罚 [02:00.00]靠近了 曾害怕 [02:01.49]不想怕 不再怕 [02:02.89]规则重构一霎那 [02:04.54]哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦 [02:08.69]出发那就是回家 [02:10.23]哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦 [02:14.53]we just need a brand new star [02:16.08]we just need a brand new star [02:17.63]因为深爱 力量才变得美丽 [02:20.93]因为失败 才更加的有勇气 [02:23.53]一切的梦 世界实现我的梦 [02:26.37]Let's go Let's go [02:28.03]世界在等我的秀 [02:31.01]LALALALALALA [02:36.60]LALALALALALA [02:44.26]冰冻下火花 [02:45.56]从山峰落向悬崖 [02:46.80]灵魂在挣扎 [02:48.25]侧脸时候听见他 [02:49.60]接受那惩罚 [02:51.30]靠近了 曾害怕 [02:52.69]不想怕 不再怕 [02:53.99]规则重构一霎那 [02:55.69]哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦 [02:59.95]出发那就是回家 [03:01.49]哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦 [03:05.71]we just need a brand new star [03:07.45]we just need a brand new star

95tyc.com:Wake Up

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